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Can creatives make Africa Great Again?

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  • On 31 Jul 2018
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You make something great “Again” because in some years, it was great but somehow it collapsed. This statement was brought up when President Donald Trump Jr was doing his electoral campaign in 2016. Now, we won’t talk more of that because of what seems to be facts, America, which was great, keep getting worse and worse in the political and economic world.

When I mention African creatives, it is not only in one major or two, it’s everywhere. Be it in music, tech, design, photography, business etc. These creatives whom mostly have a bad childhood, benefited from the internet era and worked hard to shape the image that Africa now has in the world.

In the recent Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 issue https://www.forbesafrica.com/30-under-30/2018/06/04/under-30-technology/ , Forbes Africa listed 30 creatives that are likely to make the world give its respect while talking about Africa. Within listed creatives, many of them were techpreneurs, fashion designers, musicians, music producers, graphic designers, photographers and many more. All these creatives share two things: Hard-work and commitment to their craft.

While we are shifting into the digital age, where the internet can get to 13.5% and above in Africa, clearly it’s the right time for African creatives to put their continent on the edge of the tech world.


Written by Mugabe Eloi, Rwanda  -Social Media Intern and Content Creation (Neuwelt Uganda)

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