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Print Media Training & Consultation

We offer training and consultancy on print media and technology. We are a registered media and technology company with experienced & professional man power, sufficient printer’s resources and a great passion for printing and digital media industry’s growth.
The printer's resource is a derivative of Neuwelt Uganda. It is directed to growing and improving the state of print media in Uganda by attracting all members of the printing and digital media industry.
It's as well intended to capture experiences and intellect from different professionals, so as to create a knowledge pool from which custom based solutions can be got for industrial challenges.

Among other activities as shall be shared by the industry shareholders, the printers' resource proposes to offer the following;
1. Staff training and empowering
2. Criteria for abiding by the international standards through standardization.
3. Coordinating machinery/spare parts' purchases.
4. Coordinating international printing associations/bodies/events and awards with the Ugandan industry.
5. Printing problem troubleshooting
6. Improving awareness/recognition for print media professionals in Uganda
7. Assisting in printing staff recruitment (theoretical interviews)
8. Print substrate technologies (paper, ink and color theory)
9. Research and training on modern technologies.