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Anything in Code

We write the future in code, this is who we are and it's what we shall be. We transform ideas, thoughts and imagination through code to reality. The world is transforming and the wheels of technology are revolving fast. We simply just want to position ourselves in the leading position, where we plan and think the best for you. It's our time to drive Uganda into the realm light.

We develop tools to help you management of your business, increase efficiency, truck client base and feedback, and give you credibility on the internet. We deliver Desktop and Mobile applications, web design and web hosting. What more do you want?

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Web design

With a growing necessity for businesses to have an online presence, there is absolute need for professionalism. It's not a bout just having a website on the internet, but rather having an online presence that rightfully represents your business and generates tangible results.

Neuwelt Uganda with its growing enthusiastic and passionate team offers you a partnership relationship in creating your business, brand, or personal website. Enjoy well informed consultancy and online survey before having your site build. We follow the most recent website design principals and latest technology available. We deliver web systems, web and internet applications, Search engine optimization, Social media incorporation, custom content management systems as well as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal development.

Principals followed

  1. Dynamic
  2. Responsive
  3. Platform and browser independent
  4. Custom components & graphics

Desktop/mobile applications

From the well renowned Android to windows mobile platforms, we just not promise but deliver a well-manicured and developed application. An application is not just an App, but rather a solution to an embedded problem growing deep beneath.
The international application community is comprised of some really life changing and revolutionary application known to have changed the social and economic dynamics in the whole world. At Neuwelt Uganda, we desire to work with you create your first or next online application.
Our team is competent and eager to take on any project of a sort. We have the best creative UI/UX developer in the country, rich android and .net developers, linux server gurus and content writers at your disposal. Just don't read it, get in contact and lets discuss your business' new position online.
With the best design concepts, usability and functionality, Neuwelt Uganda guarantees success for your app from design, review and testing to launching.\

Principals followed
1. Streamlined for easy navigation
2. User guided experience and pointing (directing user attention)
3. The 3 major mobile platforms (Android, IOS and Windows).
4. Custom components & graphics

Software Development

With increased specialization and extreme demand for efficiency, companies and organizations are looking for custom solutions to handle their problems. From school management systems, flight search systems, human resource management systems, database driven and archiving systems, we are there for you. Make your consultations today, our price range and working process is guaranteed to suite. We are the best partner for you, don't look further