Who we are!

Neuwelt is a research-based media and Technology company that has since 2016 provided initial and continued branding and IT support to evolving businesses and multinational organizations.
Through research and innovation, we have evolved to serve a dynamic range of markets and consumer needs locally and internationally.

How we are different.

A team of highly skilled personnel

Flexible service level contract terms

Affordable hourly rates for the same quality delivery.

Africa, Europe & UAE

Recorgnized at International B2B events.


Creating a technological world without limitations.


Building youthful teams, solving world problems and growing wealth through technology innovations.

Service Competence

We are a leading systems integrator company known for providing clients with enterprise world-class solutions addressing local and international business media and technological needs. We embrace and complete challenging projects through employing an international knowledge and approach to tasks by laboring to research the latest trends in the industry to deliver undisputed products and services.

The team has varied skills over 11 years’ experience in software development, creative design & visual communication, Storytelling, storyboarding, 2D & 3D Animation.

Creative Design

98 %

Research & Strategy

80 %

Digital Marketing / Copywriting

90 %

Web and Mobile Development

84 %
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