Neuwelt is an equal opportunity employer employing personnel without regard to race, religion, and gender. Our commitment is portrayed by our subscription to the 10 UN Global Compact Principals and the Women Empowerment Principals of the UNWomen.

We invest in building youthful teams by providing opportunities and a conducive environment to inspire team creativity and growth, thus solving world problems and delivering value to our clients through technological innovations. This allows us to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently to serve both local and international clientele.

Why Neuwelt?

We are creating the next generation workspace where natural gifts are exploited.

We boast one of the best working conditions in the Country:
  • We continuously invest in building a strong reading and research culture.
  • Weekly in-house skill and capacity building programs.
  • A very well coordinated team working environment.
  • Field work exposure for all members.
  • A quiet, chill and conducive environment in the outskirts of Mukono town.
  • A first hand experience serving international & regional clients.
  • Travelling opportunities
  • Shared meals i.e. healthy lunches, breakfast, and open teas/coffees.


Have you got the skills, and growth attitude? Are you result-oriented & love technology? We love to hear from you. Look out for any open slots below or if you feel confident, just drop it anyway.

Check out our career board, below for the open opportunities.

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