Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any fieldBrian Tracy

No truer words have ever been said. On our growth journey as a company, we have learnt individually and as a team that there is a great need for everyone to invest in learning. Our team has taken deliberate steps over the years to skill and accumulate knowledge well enough to position ourselves as problem solvers.

Technology Growth

Digital Skills Training

Skilling in Computer & Internet Userbility.

Every passing minute, the world becomes more technological. In a book titled 'Superintelligence', it is quoted that information more than doubles each year. A factor soo high that renders academic qualifications of yesteryear non-competitive. The Neuwelt Academy seeks to share practical knowledge applicable to today's working environment.
Through a number of pilot programs, that have benefited both our team members and the pioneer students in 2021. We have built conclusive curriculums in Digital Marketing Essentials, UI Design Foundations, Advanced Microsoft Office, Branding & Creative Design, Web Design, etc.

Digital Marketing Essentials

Digital Skill to Learn

Who is this Course for?

Digital Marketing has so many options and strategies associated with it, you can get creative and experiment with a variety of marketing tactics on a budget. This course is suitable for individuals at all levels involved in research, data gathering/management, digital/traditional marketing, or individuals who want to understand. This course will empower you with different specialties in the field and help you to become a T-shaped marketer.


What Will You Learn?

This course presents you the opportunity to understand the balance between creativity, technology, and analytics with the aid of Digital Marketing. The Marketing industry has seen massive change with every growing substation of conventional with digital marketing. You will gain practical skills on how to create, execute and measure your marketing efforts by leveraging a range of digital marketing tools, tactics, and techniques.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Develop a SMART Digital Strategy
  2. Understand the role of Digital Marketing in integrated marketing communications
  3. Target and grow the right audience for your brand (knowledge & networks)
  4. Influence the industry with engaging and high-impact content
  5. Develop Email Marketing Strategies that convert
  6. Data Analytics
  7. How to build powerful content from day to day experience
  8. The Social media 2-30 day rule. (2days work for 30-day coverage). Automate your digital marketing workflow.
  9. Personal/business online profile
  10. Introduction to branding (branding is everything impressive)


Course Structure Summary:

Duration:                                2 Months
Instructional Units:              16 (2 Hrs. each)
Timetable:                              Saturday 12:00 -16:00 Hours
Estimate Personal Study:    Min 4 Hours/Week

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